Whole of Life asset management in one place


  1. Full visibility across asset lifecycles
  2. Asset register includes brand details & exact location
  3. Budget for WOL planning
  4. Maintenance, break/ fix scheduling including supplier comparisons
  5. Link to Open Catalogue for easy replacement scheduling
Key Features

4-Links understands the complexity of high value procurement, WOL cost analysis, equipment reviews & aggregated buying, so we reinvented the process from the asset up. AssetManager is strategic sourcing in motion, we plan the exit of a product before it’s installed.

Key Benefits

By improving visibility to asset data, you improve planning, manage cost blowouts before they happen and react to renewal cycles, buying better and faster. When combined with OpenCatalogue and P2P, you can continuously manage asset renewals, while actively benchmarking new products & suppliers, providing the confidence that the Procurement Team is achieving best value on every purchase.

How It Works

Your staff view assets differently, for the user it works or does’nt work, for the business it’s a GL item, and for facilities it’s an ongoing cycle of R&M. Yet a deeper look tells us there’s far more, business units need to know what they’re paying for, and the % of budget consumed in
operational costs and maintenance, they need to know what % of next year’s budget is already allocated.

Asset Manager resolves all this, making buying teams and users co-owners of cost management and planning. While AssetManager handles the day to day break & fix, it excels in operational budgeting, with budget vs actual cost reports across an unlimited number of assets, plus real time planning views 1, 3 & 12 months out, enabling aggregated buying to drive the lowest replacement cost.

More About AssetManager

Asset Manager’s DNA includes: life cycle & cost management, budgeting, service maintenance & warranties, all feeding a constant flow of data via an easy to use dashboard. This is accessible by every business unit: sites, projects, operations, cost centres all collaborating. When paired with OpenCatalogue you can manage asset replacement cycles, with real time product pricing, new product reviews, price benchmarking, all delivered to your buyers with zero input required from your procurement team.

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