Collaboration Apps

Workshare enables continuous connection with your supply chain. Improved collaboration & efficiency will save you many hours in managing procurement.

Workshare fully integrates with our strategic sourcing, compliance and SRM tools to control costs & risks.

We’ll track your procurement spend and future exposure in real time, creating a single point of truth and implementing robust risk management & KPI based performance measures. But the key purpose of Workshare is to build quality data, to empower your negotiations, have a 360 degree view of your suppliers & their obligations and create big data analytics to power your budget & planning process & identify new opportunities to drive down costs.

KPI Planner provides a central performance dashboard for your enterprise across all contracts, projects and sites. The moment a KPI is engaged a supplier’s performance target is locked and benchmarking begins for the life of the contract or project. Users don’t need to be trained on each individual event, rather how to manage events. Every KPI comes with integrated checks on how to respond to KPIs, how to assess supplier responses, and how to instigate penalties or bonus allocations on performance based contracts.

KPI Planner uses a central dashboard to implement & measure target based KPI’s with techniques including 360-degree mapping, benchmarking, push scheduling and automated alerts. You’ll have full control over the costs & risks that impact your business.

Modern procurement teams are moving to predictive analysis, supported by quality data to achieve improved performance rather than relying on historic trends. The real benefit is greater
control & accuracy in matching future supply with demand, and being able to quickly react to market or demand shifts and budget variances.

4Links Advanced Budget is integrated into every contract & project enabling instant cash burn & budget reporting, and creating a single point of visibility across your commitments, all mapped to business units, cost codes, services & commodities.

Peter Hall, Director & Head of Development, 4Links Technology

“Better data has immediate benefits over the control of corporate spending. Strategic procurement needs real time data around your spend patterns, forward commitments, capital items and cash flow impacts. Now every project, contract and commodity can be managed with multi-line budgets, forward cash flow planning, cash burn and real time spend reporting.

If you’re buying major IT&C or civil works and construction our Bill of Material cost schedules will match the task with 100+ sub budgets each with 1000’s of WBS line items. Advanced Budget has all the tools you expect from an enterprise system: multiple currencies, unlimited budgets per contract / project, budget hedging, variations, CPI provisioning, retentions and budget burn tracking.”

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