Advanced Budget

The ultimate tool for planning & risk control


Advanced Budget
  1. Used for any application, including complex civil, construction, property, leases, software & IT projects
  2. Unlimited lines & multi currency reporting
  3. Spend analytics dashboard
  4. CPI, variations, contingencies
  5. Budget vs Cash Burn & integration with accounting data
Key Features

Designed for strategic buying AdvancedBudget integrates with projects, contracts and commodities. It supports multi-line budgets, forward cash flow planning, cash burn and real time spend reporting.

This is your single point of truth with visibility across all your procurement commitments and mapped to business divisions, cost codes, commodities and services.

Key Benefits

Often spend reports are a trail of spreadsheets, accounting reports and outsourced spend analytics. AdvancedBudget is a quantum leap forward, consolidating all income and expense for contracts and open supply arrangements into a single enterprise view.

AdvancedBudget supports xls pivot views with analysis of spend by: supplier, business unit, contract, project, catalogue, or commodity. All reports can be grouped by: category (goods, works, services), business unit, owner, with cash burn reports of any item.

How It Works

This is a scalable solution so you decide on the level of budget management you need. Simple contracts carrying a single budget line, or high-risk contracts like property leases & IT&C are supported with multi budget lines for lease rates, CPI provisions & service fees.

If civil or construction contracts are part of your business, then the system expands to provide a full bill of material costing.

More About Advanced Budget

AdvancedBudget handles the full cycle of budget events. A contract or project can start with a single line budget, expanding with variations and extensions. As spend data emerges you link in accounting data to generate cash burn reports.

Reports can be generated via the Dashboard to measure contract expenditure profiles and advanced budget drill downs for full cash burn reporting.

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