Our compliance engine automatically identifies the buyer’s requirements no matter what the service, trade or location. Suppliers are invited to connect & upload compliance documents free of charge, we’ll then validate these and the supplier entity. We also integrate checklists, inductions and pre qualification forms to manage staff & trades accessing remote plant & sites.

Compliance Apps

eCheck takes away the hassle of requesting, processing & following up supplier documents, and suppliers can manage a single file in the cloud that can be shared with any of your branches or subsidiaries.

Induction use scalable, mobile technology, you can develop inductions for a wide range of applications, including sites, plant & equipment in any location.

Induction uses our integrated forms designer, it takes minutes to design a form with images, videos, animation, choices, text and detailed checklists. Map them to single or multiple sites, reducing the need for suppliers to complete multiple paperwork.

Checklist also uses our integrated forms designer for procedures, task planners & guides, for sites & inspections. You can build business forms for Works, SWMS & JSA in minutes, with logs and audit trails for stored files.

Checklist also uses benchmarking and balanced score card technology to keep track of the execution of staff activities and monitor performance.

Peter Hall, Director & Head of Development, 4Links Technology

“Through the many years I’ve been in the procurement software business, supplier & staff compliance has been one of the biggest problems clients face. Many ignore WHS regulations and risk personal penalties and loss of critical business licences.

Yet it can be quickly resolved using our technology, and with little effort by our client’s staff, so we see these Apps as key to managing business risk.”

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