automate supplier compliance today


  1. Embed compliance as a mandated business process
  2. Suppliers are automatically advised which documents you need to meet local, regional,& WHS standards
  3. Red / Green light dashboard tells you instantly the status of each supplier
  4. Create pre qualification and induction programs in minutes
Key Features

A complete solution for all compliance needs both internal & external.Quickly deployed via a simple dashboard. With unlimited users, anyone in your group & subsidiaries can access the same database avoiding duplication, error & saving time.

Key Benefits

eCheck is a compliance & validation app that’s light on labour, free to suppliers and super-smart with 90% of the process running in automated mode. It also supports product standards, licences, insurances, Police Checks, plant registrations & check up schedules.

How It Works

eCheck is a single app for business & trade compliance, competency, product standards, services, works orders, prequalification, site induction and credentialing. eCheck uses global standards to specify your compliance requirements regionally, locally, right down to specific jobs. It’s simple to use, just connect your suppliers, the system auto selects the required documents and requests the company or person to upload them. eCheck also handles inductions & trade checks with auto alerts for renewals, all controlled from a central dashboard

More About eCheck

Are your staff chasing insurance policy docs with little time to manage the contract? then send this process to your Suppliers. The system maps the certificate you need against an online trade and products profile, Suppliers uploading certificate requests are monitored, with key data flagged to track document receipt, expiry dates and approval links. The system constantly updates the compliance process with red / green light status.

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