continuous connection with your supply chain


  1. All your suppliers mapped by product, service or category
  2. Automated supplier on boarding
  3. Single point of truth, clean, complete data on all suppliers
  4. Spend analytics for each supplier, commodity & trade
  5. Invite suppliers to tenders, auctions, catalogues, contracts & sites
Key Features

Marketplace neatly maps your suppliers by trade, commodity, service or product. It completes entity checks & integrates with eCheck for seamless compliance. With unlimited users within your group having access, the efficiencies arising from this single App will save you hours of search & query time.

Key Benefits

Continuous connection with your supply chain enables instant search for any supplier data, file, communication or document. This is your core first stage to easier more efficient procurement your team will value having everything at their fingertips.

How it works

Send us your supplier data file and we’ll clean and upload it into Marketplace, the system automatically maps each supplier and drops them into the appropriate segment for easy retrieval.

More About Marketplace

Once you’ve established Marketplace, you can invite suppliers to tenders, auctions, catalogues and other live trading tools where they do all the work, saving you more time to spend on the things that really matter, like analysing key data to find new ways to save money.

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