Free PPE Stockpile List

Stock Description Brand Specifications Quantity Email Phone Comments
N95 Particulate Filter Respirator & surgical masks HALYARD Halyard N95 duck beak masks 47 cartons (35 to a box & 6 boxes to the carton) 03 6421 0111 Orange Duck beak shape mask, very much excess would like to move on dated expiry 21/02/2026 so plenty of life left
N95 Small masks DETMOLD DETMOL N95 small masks 5 Cartons (25 per box & 24 boxes per carton) 03 6421 0111 Excess stock of these small masks, no expiration dates so perfectly fine
D95 extra small masks DETMOLD D95 extra small masks 6 cartons ( 25 in a box & 24 boxes in a carton 03 64210111 Excess stock of this size, they have no expiration date, so perfectly fine
Rapid Antigen Tests ALL TEST 5 pack of RAT tests - Nasal and oral swaps available 4000 9698 8669 We are an AOD non profit with RAT tests that we do not want to waste.
We have aprox 2500 nasal swabs that will be expiring in December 2023 and aprox 2000 oral swabs that will be expiring in 2024. We really want these to go to good use!
Located in Woolloomooloo Sydney
Isolation Gown Multigate Yellow Large 1000 0732615133
Surgical Gowns Multigate Large 3020 0732615133
Face shields, Masks-N95, Face shields, P2 Respirator Masks, Gowns, Gowns, protective google Almitas, Niosh, GrandSun, Multigate, Owear, Multigate, Multigate Disposable Face shields, N95 Particulate Respirator Masks, Disposable face shields, P2 respirator masks,Yellow impervious gowns with soft-Cuff, Isolation gowns with knitted cuff, Hard plastic protective google 15 boxes,10 boxes, 10 boxes, 6 boxes, 26 boxes, 10 boxes, 10 boxes. 0409068217 Unopened boxes that are no longer required and we need the storage area.
Gowns SecurePlus white isolation gowns 6 pallets 83970200
Isolation Gown with knitted cuffs Multigate 29-381 Large Yellow Isolation Gown 50 per box 20 boxes of 50 gowns 0395994199
Protective Goggles Multigate Clear plastic goggles with a single elastic strap 1000 03 9599 4199 In boxes of 200
Protective Goggles Multigate 18Kg Boxes 276 Boxes (200 per box) 0370671025 Happy to take any enquiry from Business Partners or other interested parties for all or any of the stock.
Hand Sanitiser 5 Lt RPL Trading Pty Ltd Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser 5 Lt - No Expiry Date Available 41 Boxes (3 per box) 0370671025 Happy to take any enquiries from Business Partners or other interested parties for all or any of the stock.
Isolation Gowns O.R. Company/Simba Global/Secure Plus/OWear 100 per box Expiry Date: 01.08.2023or15.08.2023/Expiry Date: 23/07/2023 11.4Kgs 57cmx35cmx38cm Colour Blue/No Expiry Date Colour: White/No Expiry Date 6.2kg 33x21x52cm 50 Boxes (100per box)/115 Boxes (100 per box)/50 Boxes (100 per box)/100 Boxes (100 per box) 0370671025 Happy to take any enquiries for all or any stock to send to potential Business Partners or other interested parties.
Surgical Gowns Multigate Size: Large 20 Packs/Ctn 2100 Boxes 0370671025 We are happy for multiple interest for this item as we can understand storage may be an issue.
Happy for the item to go out as batches.
P2 masks DETMOLD (Mask) Regular or any size 1000 0405515300
Medical Gown Multigate Large 20 Cantons 0433751000 Ready to be collected.
Protective goggles multigate 54-102NS approx: 28,000 0413 687 353 approx: numbers only
Goggles and disposable isolation gowns Multigate Plastic full over glass goggles with ventilation , gowns various styles , long sleeve , Goggles - 10 pallets, gowns 5 pallets 0478301702 these are stored in Southern Cross Care's warehouse (Adelaide) we can provide these to you and can arrange collection. Preference is to ship outer cartons rather than split
Protective goggles Multigate 20 boxes of 10 in each carton 22 cartons 0407 672 014
gowns not sure fully gown, fabric cuffed 10000 0434259130 this stock is expired - we have had it for 2 years
we have L - XL - XXL about 35 boxes of about 180 in each box
Gowns Multigate Surgical Gown Pack - large 200 + cartons 03 9795 7566 20 individually wrapped surgical gowns per carton. Expiry 06/2025 onwards.
Isolation Gowns Hefei Non Medical Isolation Gowns 4750 0735320770
Isolation gowns Multigate Isolation Gown Knitted Cuffs Large/Yellow 50 Pieces/ctn (5bags, 10 pcs/bag) X20 0417807805 We have 20 cartons that we do not require
Yellow isolation gowns Multigate Knitted cuffs 4000 0418 462 870 Pick up from the Gold Coast
Goggles Unknown With elastic head band 3000 0418 462 870 Located on the Gold Coast
P2 mask and Faceshield DETMOLD (Mask) Regular size (Adult) Mask and Face shield 3000 Mask and 1000 Face shield 02 8197 9325
Gowns, Face Shields Multigate and some others ISOLATION GOWNS 200 cartons of 50 03 9680 3300 We have access stock ISOLATION GOWNS and Face Shields that were provided from the govenmentt to our facility
gowns MIA PE apron 7000 (03)98561201
Protective goggles Multigate 54-102NS 16000 (03)98561201
Goggles Medical Industries Closed goggles with 4 vents and single head elastic x200 goggles per carton x6 pallets of 18 cartons 0400284021 Have been in storage in underground car park. Boxes unopened.
Goggles Various (Multigate mainly) Eye Protection 5000 0456709048 Unboxed, brand new.
Surgical Gown Pack Multigate Pack of 20 per box 5000 0439584941 Available for Pick up from Freemason Home in Lindisfarne, call Nathan Costelloe 0438584941
Surgical Gown Multigate Surgical gown pack 1000 Boxes of 20
Isolation Gown (Non Medical) Multigate Gowns are in a box of 50 5000 Gowns Available for Pick up from Freemason Home in Lindisfarne, call Nathan Costelloe 0438584941
Goggles (eye protection) Multigate Eye protection 10 cartons Hi, We have an excess of eye protection- multigate goggles with the elastic head strap.
Have approximately 10 cartons of 200 pieces.
Safety glasses, 3M clear goggles 5000
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