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Step into the next generation of procurement technology

Match our technology with your needs & take it one step at a time


Marketplace is your first step to continuous connection. It maps your suppliers for easy search using UNSPC or your own custom links, it’s got occupation maps, key contacts, entity checks, plus spend data for each supplier.

Send us your supplier data, we’ll upload the file, clean it & present your supply chain for unlimited users to efficiently connect, saving hours every week.

Suddenly you’re team is way more productive & working on projects to lower costs & control risks.

Now you’ve got the right data to connect other 4Links Apps for the best sourcing solutions in the market, and the visibility to control all the key links of your supply chain.

Workshare is your next step to greater visibility & a 360 degree view of your supply chain, share files, chat forums and email for private, group & supplier messaging.

Use Contract Manager to connect your staff & suppliers to every contract using Workshare for document share, messaging, events, variations & calendars.

Use Project Planner to connect and control multi project teams within large contracts or single projects. Plan, track & automate your project workflows for greater transparency across your entire group.

Use Site Planner to manage every site, who can enter, what projects & resources are required to undertake works and maintenance.

Use KPI Planner to map your KPIs, SLA events & alerts, hours after you go live KPIs will kick in running automated alerts & escalations in a 360 degree format.

Use AdvancedBudget for detailed spend analytics & budget to burn reports.

With growing regulation, greater governance, and increased WHS visibility, compliance has become a massive challenge that few organisations manage well.

eCheck is a compliance & validation app that’s light on labour, super-smart with 98% of the process running in automated mode.

It’s a single app for business & trade compliance, product standards, services, works orders, pre qualifications and credentialing.

Induction App uses scalable, mobile technology: develop inductions for sites, plant & equipment in any location.

Checklist App is great for trade & business forms, product standards, competency & works management. You define the data you need for audit & compliance, right down to a specific job type or activity.

Match what you’re buying with the best process, move to dynamic sourcing using real time data and creating market price tensions to transform procurement into a real profit centre.

Build your strategic sourcing plan using Workflow Planner to create requirements, specs, workflows & approvals.

Create & launch tenders in minutes, cut costs by 80% and auto evaluate and rank responses in seconds.

Use TradeBoard to achieve visibility across all your frequently purchased products & services, connect to special deals & run outs enabling big savings on day to day buying.

And use RateBoard to benchmark all your trades and service rates with daily prices feeding into a central dashboard exactly when you need them.

We understand the complexity of high value procurement, WOL cost analysis, managing maintenance, warranties & equipment reviews, so we reinvented the process from the asset up. AssetManager is strategic sourcing in motion, planning the exit of an asset before it’s even purchased.

Are capital assets & fleets critical to your business delivery?

Use Asset Manager to engage our A2P revolution where your assets link with & drive P2P events, where you manage the entire asset lifecycle starting from the day you buy a new asset

You gain instant fleet plans for operational budgets, achieve lower fleet operation costs and an integrated asset replacement cycle linked directly into our Catalogue

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