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Access to all ACCPA members in
one place

  • Manage your company & staff compliance
  • Connect with members through forums, secure messaging and shared documents
  • Launch new products and special deals to the entire ACCPA network
  • Present your business, products & services in one place to all members.

Supplier Apps

  • Join Marketplace and get connected with all ACCPA members
  • Use eCheck our low cost compliance solution for your company, employees & contractors
  • Manage pre-qualifications and inductions
  • Use the Catalogue to present products & services
  • Find our new group buying app, ACCPACrowdbuy where you can bid for bulk orders.

Low annual fee to fully manage your supplier compliance & connect with
Aged Care Providers

ACCPAProcurement offers a supplier compliance app, eCheck for a low annual fee. Register today and we’ll advise the documents you need to upload to comply with regulations and standards that apply to your business.

If you have staff or contractors who work on site then they will need to be separately approved under your account.

We’ll also send renewal alerts when insurances and other certifications need renewel.

Register as an Aged Care Provider to access the many benefits of being a member of ACCPAProcurement

At ACCPAProcurement best price is only half the deal for our Members, compliance is just as important.

We want a continuously complying supply chain, become an ACCPA Approved Supplier, and you’ll never spend time worrying about compliance again.

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