Free ex National Stockpile PPE

Many ACCPA Members have received excess PPE from the National StockPile and want to give it to those in need.
ACCPA Procurement enables you to list excess stock you are holding, and we will publish a Free PPE Stock list to allow those needing stock to contact you.

Note: before registering your excess stock or accessing the Free Stock List please register at the site by hitting the green button below, then tab back to this page.

Note: If you are already registered at this site there is no need to register here.

Aged Care Provider Registration

Excess Stock Holders
If you have excess stock please complete the Excess Stock Form and we will add your stock to the Free PPE Stock List.

If you need free PPE
Please open the Free PPE Stock List and contact the ACCPA Member with excess stock you want.
Please note there will be no charge for the PPE stock, but you will have to pay the transport costs to ship the stock from its current location to your site.

Note: ACCPAProcurement takes no responsibility for the accuracy of stock descriptions, amount of available stock, currency of stock or supply of stock.

Excess Stock Form: please complete if you have excess PPE stock

Please complete if you have Excess Stockpile PPE
If you need free PPE